Misinformation & Disinformation


Misinformation is false/misleading information
spread with no ill intent. Disinformation is
false and usually propaganda that was created
to mislead people.


Misinformation is spread with no ill intent
while disinformation is spread with the intent
to deceive people.

How are both of these a problem for social media users?

Misinformation could spread misleading statistics
accidenally from a public figure, and disinformation
could warp peoples opinions and thoughts on many things.

How are they being spread on social media?

Both types of information are being spread on social media
through public figures, the algorithm, and other ways
social media can promote this information to benefit themselves.

How is AI involved in the spread on social media?

AI can be used in many ways to help spread the
disinformation/misinformation by creating fake accounts
and changing content to their favor.

How is video and audio part of the problem?

Video and audio are large parts of the problem
because they can use this to create fake videos and audios
that show people sayin or doing things that never really happened.

Who is spreading misinformation and disinformation and why?

The spread could start off with something someone said
like a celebrity or public figure or even somebody random,
then people who get influenced or look up to the person can start spreading it,
leading to more peple following the crowd and doing the same.

How is fake news related to Misinformation and Disinformation?

Fake news is related to the two types of information
because it could be classified as either one of them due to
it being fake stories/news on the internet.

Why do people fall for it?

These types of fake news on the internet are hard to
tell if they are credible due to the way social media is set up
which leads to one person believing and then many more joining.